The Real Deal of Running an Inbound Business in Japan 【邦題】※特別編〜著名CEO/シリアルアントレプレナーが直接教える!~これが未だに日本の盲点 ~外国人の♡を掴む インバウンド・ビジネス成功のカギ<"Up Close" Tokyo Session 2016>


<※ 日本語は後半をご参照ください >

"The Real Deal of Running an Inbound Business in Japan"

KOEI COMPANY Inc. / Wildcard Incubator Program Presents its latest "Up Close" Tokyo Session 2016 seminar

KOEI COMPANY, a San Francisco based consulting/M&A practice and startup operator, and the co-founder of the Wildcard Incubation Program, will be hosting our latest seminar session in Tokyo for startups, entrepreneurs, and other internationally-minded business people, focusing on the Inbound business in Japan and how to launch a new businesses. Our main speaker for this session is Mr. Terrie Lloyd, one of the most successful foreign-born serial entrepreneurs running businesses and living in Japan. Mr. Lloyd has built 18 companies where 8 of them were successfuly sold through M&A transactions. One of his most notable deals, his 2005 sale of DaiJob.com, is very well recognized in Japan as one of the very first successful online recruiting portal in the country and most particularly for bilingual and international job seekers in Japan. His latest startup, a very unique crowdsourced multi-lingual inbound travel portal and planning service Japan Travel K.K. ( en.japantravel.com ), has currently become the #1 inbound English portal site in Japan where the multi-language portal has attracted more user fraffics from outside the country, and is rapidly growing as of spring 2016.

【Session Agenda】

0. Introduction of Wildcard Incubator Program, Silicon Valley / Japan

1. Introduction of Mr. Terrie Lloyd

2. Main Session

  • The Essense of Running a Business in Japan targeting Foreigners
  • The main pitfalls we see in most of the so-called "inbound businesses" in Japan
  • "Cool Japan" should be re-branded "Cold ("flat-out joke") Japan" - What is wrong with it?
  • Some new business insights & ideas from the speaker for inbound business in Japan ~ Open Discussion with the Audience!
  • Case Studies
  • The most important elements for Japanese startups/companies on building a successful inbound business
  • Final words of advice for those planning to launch businesses in the growing inbound sector (... ★ and perhaps starting a company, in general)

3. Q&A Session

4. Networking etc.

【Event Details】

Title: "The Real Deal of Running an Inbound Business in Japan

Main Speaker: Terrie Lloyd, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO Japan Travel K.K. www.terrie.com >

Moderator: Nobu Kumagai, Founder, KOEI COMPANY, Inc., Co-Founder, Wildcard Incubator Program < more info: www.wildcardprogram.com >

Date/Time: April 12, 7-9pm, 6:30pm doors open

Venue: Connecting the Dots co-working space

Address: Kawahara Bldg. 6F, 1-20-7, Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo <4 min. walk from JR Shibuya Station / 3 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Shibuya Station Exit No. 6>

Cost: 2,000 yen

Capacity: 30

More information: nobu.kumagai@koei-company.com

Terrie Lloyd: serial entrepreneur, Founder Japan Travel K.K., President & CEO, Japan Inc. Holdings.

Terrie Lloyd is a 56-year dual-national of Australia and New Zealand, who has lived in Japan for 30 years. A “self-made man” in the truest sense, he formed his first company while in Japan on a working holiday visa at the age of 25. Since then, he has established another 20 companies of his own and many others for clients.

Lloyd has brought his investors 8 successful earn-outs: LINC Computer in Japan and Techman in Hong Kong sold to EDS in 1995, the Web division of LINC Media sold to Chinadotcom in 1999, Layer-8 Technologies spun out to ThetaMusic in 2003, DaiJob Software Inc. sold to Nikko Principal in 2004, DaiJob Inc. sold to Human Holdings in 2005, Esphion Ltd. in New Zealand sold to Allot Communications Inc. of Israel in 2007, and BiOS KK sold to TMJ of Japan in 2013.

Currently Lloyd is focused on web development and market entry/business start-up consulting. The companies he is actively operating include: LINC Media, MyHR, Japan Inc. Holdings, Japan Travel, and Metroworks.

Lloyd does a significant amount of public speaking for the US, Australian, and New Zealand governments and related industry bodies. As a long-time participant in the Japanese computer industry, he has been quoted by TIME, the Economist, Forbes, the Daily Telegraph (UK), US Public Radio, Bloomberg TV, Japan Times, Wired Online, and many other leading news sources. Lloyd is also active in various local chambers of commerce, JMEC (Japan Market Entry Competition), TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs, where he is a Charter Member), and many other trade related organizations in Japan.

Mr. Lloyd is also very well connected with the Silicon Valley community and was the country gatekeeper for the State of Ohio's business development into the Far East.

Fore more details: www.terrielloyd.com

Nobu Kumagai: Founder, KOEI COMPANY Inc. (San Francisco, CA), Co-Founder, Wildcard Program (Silicon Valley, U.S.)

Nobu is the Founder & CEO at KOEI COMPANY, Inc. in San Francisco CA. where he runs M&A, consulting practices and operates several early-stage startups. He is also the co-founding partner at Wildcard Program, a startup incubator tailored to help Japanese startups to launch businesses in the U.S.

Nobu began his career at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities in Tokyo. He spent more than 10 years in investment banking where we held several positions at Lehman Brothers and HSBC and worked on numerous book-running deals throughout Japan, New York and China. He then joined one of the largest venture capital firm in Japan, JAIC ( its former U.S. team now Draper Nexus ) where he was responsible for its joint global fund with NTT Docomo. He served as board director for a U.S. startup where he worked closely with the management team and helped expand their businesses in Japan. Nobu was also one of the co-founding members for a hospitality startup in 2004 where he oversaw their daily operations as well as corporate planning.

Nobu earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Keio University, and MBA at Cornell University. Nobu is also an ordained buddhist monk.


- 米国シリコンバレーの著名人(シリアルアントレプレナー/大手VCや有識者等)が日本に来日をするのを機会に、日本の起業家やスタートアップの皆様等との“ガチ”なトーク・セッションを開催する【Up Close】シリーズ。昨年はお陰様で5月と9月の2度にわたり、東京で開催をさせて頂くことが出来ましたが、2016年もいよいよ新たに第3弾を開催することと致しました。



0.米シリコンバレーWildcard Programのご紹介


2.ディスカッション・トピック <※一部変更の可能性がございます>

★ そもそも「日本人ではない外国人」をターゲットにするビジネスとは?

★ 日本のインバウンドビジネスの大半が陥る「罠」とは?!?

★ 「クール・ジャパン」は所詮〝押しつけがましい「サムい・ジャパン」” ・・・

★ こんなビジネス・プランが外国人にハマる! 〜CEOがヒントをずばり教えるビジネス・アイディア 

~ケース・スタディ<地方自治体とのインバウンド・ビジネスのコラボ> (✴︎その他、検討中)

★ 日本人が外国人向けにビジネス・サービスを提供する上で最も大切なこと 

★ これから日本でインバウンド分野でビジネスを本格的に立ち上げたい方や事業会社への貴重なアドバイス

★ その他

<注:  当日は、モデレーターによる逐次通訳を予定しております>



【ご参考】 ~ 本セッションの想定参加者(※ただし、これらに限定されません。どなたでもご興味のある方大歓迎致します!):

  • 日本でインバウンド分野<民泊、ホスピタリティ、メディア、トラベル、サービス、その他>で事業をされる方々<起業家・スタートアップ/事業会社の担当者、地方自治体の担当者、等>あるいはこれからされようとする方々
  • 地方創生イニシアチブの一環として外国人を効果的に取り込んで行きたいと燃える自治体等のご担当者
  • インバウンドに限らず、起業や事業会社で新規事業をお考えの方々



日時: 4月12日(火)19時 - 21時

会場: <渋谷シェアオフィスConnecting The Dots>: 東京都渋谷区神南1-20-7 川原ビル6階イベントスペース

参加費: 2,000円

定員: 先着30名(予定)

主催:米KOEI COMPANY, Inc./米Wildcard Program


Terrie Lloyd氏は、オーストラリアとニュージーランドの二重国籍を持つシリアルアントレプレナーで、日本在住32年。主にシステムエンジニアリング、ソフトウェア開発、英字メディアの分野を中心とする実業家/シリアルアントレプレナーであり、特に外国人起業家という立ち位置を活かした斬新かつユニークなサービスを次々に立ち上げてきている。


2011年5月、未曽有の大震災を経て、日本を再び元気にするというミッションを掲げて訪日旅行客インバウンドビジネスのJapanTourist.jpを創業。のちに2013年11月にJapanTravel.comを設立。2016年現在、日本でのNo.1 インバウンド・ポータルとして「外人目線」を軸に今急成長中。 2012年‐2013年には政府・国交省による訪日旅行客拡大に関する検討委員会の有識者メンバーに抜擢。




米KOEI COMPANY, Inc. (米国シリコンバレー/サンフランシスコ市)Founder & CEO  /  米Wildcard Program 共同創業パートナー / 英明大学("Eimei Institute"米国カリフォルニア州)経営学教授 / ジャパン・トラベル株式会社("JapanTravel.com") 準創業兼事業開発本部長


2012年11月、米国シリコンバレー/サンフランシスコ市にKOEI COMPANY, INC.を設立し、北米発の新事業の企画に取り組む。北米発の日本人特化型インキュベータ(起業家支援)Wildcard Programを共同創業し、米インキュベータ大手のRunwayやStartup Policy Lab等の協力を得ながら現在事業拡大中。一方、日本の大手企業及び欧米外資系企業向け事業コンサルティング/M&Aアドバイザリーのプラクティスを設立し(主にアウトバウンド)、現在に至る。その他2016年現在、日本国内でインバウンド・トラベル分野のメディア+総合旅行サービス会社であるジャパントラベル株式会社の準創業兼事業開発本部長。



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